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Rawon IDR 60,000 net/portion
Beef broth, beef, bean sprout, salted egg, melinjo cracker, rice, lime, chili sauce, fried shallot, leek, Rawon daging, kecambah, telur asin, jeruk lemon, sambal, nasi putih, bawang goreng, daun bawang

Soto Sulung IDR 55,000 net/portion
Beef broth, beef tripe, beef lung, beef, steam rice, salted egg, emping cracker, fried shallot, celery, leek, lime, chili sambal Daging sapi, paru, babat, usus sapi, nasi putih, telur asin, emping, bawang goreng, seledri, daun bawang, lemon, sambal cabai

Soto Lamongan IDR 45,000 net/portion
Clear Yellow Chicken Broth, shredded chicken, boiled egg, vermicelli, cabbage, bean sprout, steam rice, emping cracker, fried shallot, leek, tomato, lime, chili sambal, Kuah Kuning, ayam suir, telur rebus, soun, kol, toge, nasi putih, emping, bawang goreng, sambal, tomat

Soto Bandung IDR 55,000 net/portion
Beef broth, beef, turnip, steam rice, bean soy, melinjo cracker, fried shallot, leek, celery, lime, chili sambal, ginger, tomato, Daging sengkel, lobak, kacang kedelai, nasi putih, emping, sambal cabai

Soto Padang IDR 55,000 net/portion
Beef broth, beef, beef lungs, potato cake, crackers, steam rice, sambal chili, red cracker, vermicelli, fried shallot, leek, celery, Daging Sapi, paru, perkedel kentang, nasi putih, kerupuk merah, bawang goreng, seledri, lemon,soun

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Citruz™ Promo of The Month
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